Welcome to National Tent House.Our more than 50 years of experience will satisfy your needs.Tents, Canvas, Tarpaulins, Camp Cots, etc.Our clients include United Nations, Red Cross organizations, Armed Forces of Syria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Sri-Lanka and many other private organizations.We guarantee the lowest prices, some conditions apply... ask us for details.

 Light Weight Ridge Tent

   UNHCR Tunnel Tent
   Light weight Emergency Tent
   Multi Weather Family Tent
   All weather Tent (IFRC Type)
   General Service Tent
   Double Fly General Service
   Family Ridge Tent
   Double Fly Family Tent
   Deluxe Family Ridge Tent
   UNHCR Center Pole Tent
   Safari Tent
   Desert Tent
   Single Pole Tent
   Double Fly Sahara Tent
   Pyramid Tent
   Cone Type Tent
   Family Round Tent
   Winterrized Tent (TRC Type)
   Winterrized Tent (ARC Type)
   Group Tent
   Single Fly Dispensary tent
   Multi Purpose Tent
   School Tent (UNHCR Type)
   School Tent (Unicef Type)
   Marquee Tent
   Survival Tent
   Military Personal Tent
   Tunnel Tent (NTH version)
   Family Ridge (Ext.Fly Sheet)

National Tent House established for manufecturing tent and canvase goods by two brothers (Late) Mohammed Ahmed & Mr. Anwar Ahmed in 1957 at Mohammed Bin Qasim Road Karachi
Family Tent (Unhcr/IFRC/ICRC Approved Tent)

Outer Tent Roof: Made of Single Layer of Waterproof, Rotproof & UV treated Poly/Cotton Canvas Quality 350 gram.m2


Outer Tent: Made of Woven Ripstop Polyester Cloth 150- 170 G/M2

Light Weight Emergency Tent

Outer Tent Made of single layer of Natural color Poly / Cotton canves Quality 300 G/M2
Frame Tent (NRC Version)

Tent: Made of single layer of Dyed color Poly / Cotton canvas Quality 320 G/M2

 Hygiene Kits

   Kitchen Set (5 persons)
   Woolen Blankets
   Fleece Blankets
   Women Dress Cloth
   Juggins Suits
   School Kit
   Bed Sheet
   Hurricane Lanterns
   Cooking Stoves
   Jerry Cans
   Webbing & Stitching Threads

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